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Intel My WiFi won't reinstall - Centrino Wireless-N 1000


In an attempt to get WiDi working on Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop (which is WiDi certified) I had to get Intel My WiFi working. I was on an older driver version (15.0) and MWT was simply not working, clicking "Enable" would just cause the My WiFi application to sit there and do nothing, and the only thing I could do was kill the process.

So, I decided to update the drivers to the latest available for my adapter, 16.1.1, the filename is Wireless_16.1.1_s64 (the full package, not just the standalone drivers) and then install the My Wifi Dashboard.

My understanding with MWT is that the installation procedure should also install 2 Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport adapters, and this is where I'm sure my problem lies. The miniport adapters simply aren't being installed and after trying 3 different driver versions, (15.6, 16.1.1, and the laptop vendor provided 15.0.something) the miniport adapters simply are not coming back. I've completely uninstalled every piece of Intel Wifi related software, I've manually cleaned out the registry, I've deleted every leftover file after each uninstall, rebooted in between every install/uninstall.

I have checked the logs from the driver installers, and have found nothing obvious that is preventing MWT from installing, but it would seem that something is "blocking" it from being installed again. I have tried to install the Dashboard just to see what happens but I simply get the "lite" dashboard since MWT is obviously not installed properly.

Any assistance would be much appreciated, as I've spent at least 3-4 hours troubleshooting this.

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I recommend a complete uninstall of Intel® Proset Software from Programs and Features and the driver from Device Manager.

Initiate Intel® Proset installer and choose custom installation. You can now verify if Intel® My WiFi Technology is marked for installation.

Finally, install Intel® My WiFi Dashboard. It is good to restart between installations.


Thanks for your reply joe.

I have actually completely uninstalled the Intel Proset software multiple times, and ensured that during a custom install of the software, I ensure that Intel My Wifi technology is marked for installation each time, but it simply seems not to install and does not provide any errors whatsoever. I am performing a reboot in between each operation, after uninstall, after reinstall, etc.

Basically at this point I'm looking for anything more advanced I can try to troubleshoot this further than what I've already done, as a full wipe/restore of my system is simply not an option at the moment.