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Intel Wifi 6 AX201 does not support 802.11n/ac networks??


Hi everyone,

it seems that the AX201 has problems connecting to 802.11n/ac networks on my device. It does not connect to my network which only supports these standards. 

When I connect another wifi adapter to my computer it detects more than twice as many networks in the area. And the connection to my network succeeds. On the AX201 my network does not even show up. When I add it manually it says that the connection is unavailable. 

There is an option in the device settings where you can actually switch from 802.11ax to n or ac. But it doesn't help or do anything. 

I have tried every driver version I could find, including the most recent of course.

Is there any chance to fix this?

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There is a great deal more information needed to help in getting you and running. Would you please describe the type of wireless device you are attempting to connect to? And also run the Intel System Support Utility and post back the results so there is detail window on your OS and patch level and network devices and driver level. If you are using a cabled Ethernet please unplug the Ethernet line when you run the SSU. the link for the SSU is here: