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Intel Wifi Link 1000 BGN Connection Difficulties


Something of a frustrating problem here:

I use a Lenovo Y560 laptop with an Intel Wifi Link 1000 BGN network adapter. I've typically

had little problems connecting to wireless access points until two weeks ago. After a bit of

trial and error I realized that, though the adapter detects all the networks it used to at the same

signal strengths, it's unable to connect to anything that's basically not at full signal strength (pretty

much beside the computer). I've tried re-installing the manufacturer's drivers, installing Intel's drivers

(which for some reason cause the adapter to be shown as an Intel Centrino-N wireless adapter rather

than an Intel Wifi Link 1000), disabling 802.11n mode, disabling the "Allow computer to turn off this

device to save power", ensuring that transmit power is at the highest, roaming is at medium, switched

through channels... nothing. Performance is exactly the same, basically bouncing off access points with

four bars or less of signal strength. I've tested this on APs with Open, WEP, and WPA2 security, reset routers,

etc. Verified the actual adapter, seemed well connected, cables were in place. Any ideas, because it's driving me

a little bit nuts how though the networks are detected, connection's not possible. Thanks!

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Community Manager

Hello Allen, thank you for your post.

Unfortunately there are no Known issues that may cause this behavior, if you still recall last time when it used to work you may do a system restore to that date, which would pin down or rule out software/malware/driver or hardware issues. If a system restore won't fix the issue then the next step would be to contact Lenovo* directly for a replacement of this unit.