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Intel Wifi6 AX200 slow connection speeds



Is there a way to configure my Intel Wifi 6 AX200 160 MHz network card to get faster speeds on 5G ?

I have a newish driver (I've tried several drivers)  22.40.07 (3rd March 2021), the connection is showing as 5G, and the NIC settings show


802.11 a/b/g Wireless Mode = 1.5GHz 802.11a

802.11 n/ac/ax Wireless Mode = 4.802.11ax


My router is the AX6000 TP-Link and is supposed to support 5 Gbps.


A speed test from my PC across wifi shows speeds of


Ping 3 ms

Download 177 Mbps

Upload 134 Mbps


Using wired LAN on same PC I get 


Ping 2 ms

Download 893 Mbps

Upload 756 Mbps


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Change the channel in the advanced settings of the router until you're satisfied. Use the speed test app or speedtest.net to test the speed after every change.


Not all devices support 160mhz. So the channel width would be best to leave it at auto and just change the channel.


There's an app called Wifi Analyzer on the Microsoft Store and there's also apps for Android/iOS. Open the app and check the channels that other routers around you are using. Take note on a piece of paper. Then change the channel in your router to a different channel so it doesn't cause interference with the other routers around you.


Frequent disconnections is caused by interference with another router due to using the same channel and slow speed is caused by the channel not being compatible with the network card.


Higher channel width = faster speed.


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