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Intel chipset AX201 does NOT support UNI3 channels !


I have found on many laptops with an Intel chipset AX201 that windows 10/11 does NOT support UNI3 channels. If I test the same Laptop with Ubuntu (then the UNI3 channels are recognized and supported).

I have tested this with Windows 10 (20h2 / 21h2) and latest windows 11 ( in the Netherlands (REGION)

With this I proved that the AX201 hardware does support it. The problem is not solved even in the latest Windows software version (

I cannot connect to a wireless network if the UNI3 channels are not supported in Windows. So I can NOT provide logs  (Intel iWFT tool) I would like to get in direct contact with Intel Wi-Fi developers.


With there existing testing process  I can't convince the Intel Customer Support and i have shared a wireshark capture !


CASE 05604856 (started 9th september 2022)


In the Netherlands, the UNI3 channels were released a long time ago....


UNI3 (5 GHz : 149, 153, 157, 161 & 165) 

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Support , 


Please pay attention to this ticket. Support has been unresponsive for 2 weeks. I am completely ignored. What is going on ?

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