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Internet slower on 5Ghz than 2.4Ghz - Wireless AC - 8265 (SOLVED)


I just upgrade my access point with Nokia Wifi Beacon 1 that support AC 5Ghz

My internet package is 50mbps

surprisingly my laptop : Legion Y520-15IKBN Laptop (Lenovo) type 80WK when i set prefer band using 5Ghz/AC, speedtest only get 10mbps at maximum

if i change the prefer band to 2.4Ghz/n, the result of speedtest actually 40mbps

my another laptop Thinkpad-L380 (same Wireless AC 8265) which having same issue, it has dual OS setup, i switch to Linux Ubuntu and do the speedtest i got 50mbps (it works perfectly fine)

Most suspect now is the driver issue (since it works fine in Ubuntu).

i have tried many version of drivers and now updated latest version of Wireless-AC 8265 with driver date : 1/10/2021 and version: no difference at all

speedtest result on 5Ghz / AC : 8mbps

5ghz slow.JPG


speedtest result using 2.4Ghz / n : 40mbps

2.4ghz faster 40mbps.JPG


Accidentally solve the issue with setting the "Channel Width for 5Ghz" from "Auto" to "20Mhz Only"

i have no idea what is this. but anyway hope this finding can help anyone that having same problem like me!





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Hi Khun_Doug,

i accidentally resolve it and updated in the post, hope it may help someone having the problem like me.

anyway, thanks for trying to help and reply! 


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A few questions to get things started. Is the AC-8265 the original wireless adapter that was shipped with that laptop from Lenovo? If not, what was the original wireless adapter? Also, the report from the SSU appears incomplete. Please rerun the SSU and save all the scan data. The SSU should include hardware and OS information. Be sure not to include anything that is sensitive in the report, only hardware and OS information.

The attached SSU report shows low signal strength to the Nokia Beacon. How many nodes are in the Nokia mesh? Are all nodes set to support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz? Is the Nokia Beacon connected to another piece of wireless gear that is not part of the mesh?

Would you describe the environment you are in where you are accessing the Nokia Beacon? How close to the AP are you? Are there obstructions between you and AP? How many people and devices in the house are using the wireless network?



Hi Khun_Doug,

i accidentally resolve it and updated in the post, hope it may help someone having the problem like me.

anyway, thanks for trying to help and reply! 



Hi Khun_Doug,

Thanks for your reply,

i have redo the SSU report with complete information. 

The setup is a Router > Nokia Beacon (LivingRoom) > Nokia Beacon (Bedroom). i attached the map from Nokia WiFi apps for your reference.

I am connecting to "Nokia Beacon (bedroom)" which locates 2Meter away from my work desk in same room. At the same spot my 3 of my phones all working fine, all getting 50mbps consistently with 5ghz band (checking from Nokia WiFi App)


I have another laptop Thinkpad-L380 which have installed with dual OS (checking from device manager it also using Wireless AC - 8265) having same issue on Windows, but it works perfectly when it's running in Linux Ubuntu. I attached the screenshot of details and speedtest for your reference.

by looking at this, it's only happening in Windows and most likely cause by the Wireless Adapter AC - 8265 driver? but i have tried install various version of drivers from Microsoft version 2017, intel 2018, and intel latest 2021 as per the report you seeing right now, all same results.

really appreciate your help