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MSI Z590 Pro Wifi with Intel 6E AX210 frequent dropouts and slow speeds



A few months ago I built a new desktop. Motherboard is a MSI Z590 Pro Wifi which has an Intel 6E AX210 wifi card built in.

Until now it's ran smoothly, however in the last few days the internet has been repeatedly dropping out and reconnecting every 2-10 minutes.

The issue only affects my desktop PC. All other devices in the house have no connectivity issues.

I had my ISP send out a technician today that verified there are no issues with the router or on the ISPs end.

I've tried:

- Reinstalling the wifi drivers from MSI's website, using the updated drivers from MSI's website, and also tried Intel's drivers direct from the Intel website (all driver uninstalls/reinstalls followed by a reboot of the PC)

- I've changed the power saving settings so that it won't turn off the adapter

- I've tried switching to 802.11ac rather than ax (router doesn't support ax).

- I've tried having the router only broadcast on a single channel rather than automatically select a channel

- Rebooted the router several times


The internet also works fine with an external wifi antenna via USB.  Which leads me to believe this issue is isolated to the onboard wifi.


Relevant specs:

Motherboard: MSI Z590 Pro Wifi w/ Intel 6E 210AX wifi

Router: Netcom NF10WV

OS: Win10 Pro build 19043


Intel SSU log attached.

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Hello ajnslng

Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities. Please share with us the following:

  • Do you also get Bluetooth issues?
  • Do you remember if this issue happened after a new OS update or Wireless driver update?
  • Have you installed any recent software or hardware in your system?
  • What drivers have you tried?
  • Is your BIOS up to date?


David G 

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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Were you able to check the previous post?  

Let us know if you still need assistance.    

Best regards,  

David G.  

Intel Customer Support Technician  

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We have not heard back from you, so we will close this thread. If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.   

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David G. 

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