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Msi file intel bluetooth.msi cannot be found


I recently booted up my pc after just two days of not using it, and my Bluetooth has not been working. My wifi works, but my Bluetooth is completely off, and there is no Bluetooth drivers in device manager. I have used intel system report utility and this is the report from it. I have also used the driver and support assistant and it says it is all up to date. I tried to manually update the Bluetooth drivers but I encountered the error - msi file intel bluetooth.msi cannot be found. I'm not sure what to do because I know it isnt hardware since my WLAN card has both the wifi and Bluetooth 5.0 on it and the wifi is working.

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That error occurs because the device is not being detected - and this appears to be borne out by the SSU report. I suggest that you check to see if the Bluetooth support has somehow been disabled in your BIOS. If not - and presuming the adapter came with your system - you are going to have to contact Lenovo regarding a replacement. If this adapter was added to your system after-market, you are going to have to contact Intel Customer Support directly regarding analysis and replacement.



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