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My AC-8265 has stopped working after a windows update.


I have tried:


-updated driver


-running the intel diagnostics programme - it says "status unknown"

-tried to install older driver software - timed out.

-in the device menu i get this info: "Windows konfigurerer stadig klassekonfigurationen for denne enhed. (Kode 56)"


Please help! I have been confined to using cable...


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There are *many* issues with the Windows upgrades, unfortunately. One of these issues sometimes results in the Intel Bluetooth and Wireless drivers being partially deleted. The way around this issue is to use the following process to reinstall:


  1. Download the latest Intel Bluetooth and Wireless driver packages and place them onto your system drive. Do not attempt to install now. Where you place them doesn't matter (your desktop will suffice).
    1. Here is a link to the downloads page for the latest Bluetooth package: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28511/Intel-Wireless-Bluetooth-for-Windows-10.
    2. Here is a link to the downloads page for the latest Wireless package: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28241/Windows-10-Wi-Fi-Drivers-for-Intel-Wireless-Adapters.
  2. Disable Internet access. Unplug the Ethernet cable and/or disable wireless. This process won't work if you don't do this.
  3. From the Apps and Features Settings scene, uninstall the existing Intel Bluetooth and Wireless driver packages.
  4. Reboot (keep Internet access disabled).
  5. Install the Intel Bluetooth driver package that you downloaded earlier.
  6. Install the Intel Wireless driver package that you downloaded earlier. Important: Bluetooth then Wireless.
  7. Reboot.
  8. Enable Internet access.
  9. Test.


Hope this helps,




Hi Scott,

I have followed your instructions; but at stage 6, I try to install the wireless package, but it only starts up and then nothing happens.


I am a small business owner and I have a client session starting next week that I have been working on since September. Re-setting the laptop is not an option, but a disaster manual.

I have too many specific settings that will take me weeks to remake…

Med venlig hilsen

Tabassum Khokhar


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OMG! If you are going to use the reply-by-email method, please clean out the reply buffer first! You should logon to the Intel Forums and edit your response to remove the phone numbers, email addresses, etc. that you've accidentally included. You don't want to end up with a lot of SPAM as a result, do you?


As far as your problem is concerned, I am not sure what to suggest here (other than to try again). I am not seeing any issue when I attempt to run the installer myself. Can you see anything in the Windows Event Log? If the problem continues, contact Intel Customer Support directly for help. Here is link to contact information: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/contact-support/emea-contact.html.