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N 2230 and constant bluetooth issues on win 8.1

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I have had the pc with 2230 and 8.1 for a couple of months, and had constant bluetooth issues.

Issues are:

If i get the device to pair, it can loose connection after a while. On/off on the device sometimes works.

If the device does not work after a pc restart, I try to delete the device from bt and repair it.

Here comes another problem, the pc finds it but it will not pair. after a while I get the win 8.1 error "that didnt work...."

I have several bt devices like keyboards, mouse, receivers, headphones etc. The problem is that after deleting a device and try to repair it, it will not install again without uninstalling the bluetooth software, reboot and install again. Else it will hang on pairing and not install the device.

This is getting old very fast. Tried several drivers but the issue remains.

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I do have these drivers installed, seems im able after a fresh install to pair 1 bluetooth device. Try to ad another and it will see it, but not install it. ( the progres bar in win 8.1 will not show installing when I try to pair).

So dont know whats going on.

Chipset HM77 Express GPU Intel HD Graphics 4000

CPU Compatibility Name Intel Core i5 3337U (dual-core)

Hi Marjo,

as you can see by this link, I also have bluetooth issues with Centrino N-2230 and Windows 8.1: /message/215681# 215681 https://communities.intel.com/message/215681# 215681

Hoping Intel can help us.

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Yes, I have some of your problems also. I once had bluetooth headphones connected in 8.1, but after trying to repair them they will not install.

I have an image made with fresh install I could try, but no use if the bluetooth problems appear again.

Right now I finally was able to pair my bluetooth keyboard, but does not look like I can have two Bt devices connected together.


It could also be interference or something

I took my mini pc to another room and I was able to pair bluetooth headphones, phone and keyboards.

Took it back and positioned it half a meter away from where it was and the paired devices work, for now....