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N 6235 Wifi Adapter Slow

I have a new Asus UX31a ultrabook which uses an N6235 Intel WiFi Adapter. The WiFi on this laptop is markedly slower than two older laptops. I use a Galaxy Nexus as a tether to Verizon's 4g network and I never get above a .5mb download using the 6235. On the other laptops I never get below 4mb speeds.

The connection is secure and there is no one else on the network. I've reinstalled all the drivers, I've even reverted back to older drivers, and I'm still stuck with less than half a mb. Any advice on how to fix this?

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I have same your problem but I use Asus Model UX32VD. I found many way to solve this problem. Last night I can solve this problem. You have to open the display panel 90 degree. If you open less than 90 degree or close the display panel, The Wifi signal very slow down or poor.