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Poor download performance with WiFi 6 AX201 160MHz - Continued

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I have tried to respond to my original post twice and it has not appeared in the community, despite my editing the second response twice.  As a result, I'm creating this extension post with the hope that @AndrewG_Intel will pick up the discussion from here.  I've never had these kinds of posting issued on any of the dozens of other boards I use... any guidance on maintaining a discussion thread in this community would be appreciated.


Andrew -

Thanks for the prompt reply! I responded to this two days ago and now when I returned I find that it was apparently not posted, so will attempt to do so again, but will definitely save a backup copy outside of this forum. Answers inline below.



1- We understand that the system is currently running Windows* 11 but the issue was also present on Windows* 10, is this correct? When did the behavior start to happen? Were you able to have your wireless connection in a normal/expected performance before? Please provide details.

h>> The performance has always been consistent across multiple Windows and driver versions, but became more obvious after I upgraded my Xfinity internet from 400 to 800Mb/s. The Apple devices saw a doubling of their prior download speeds while the Intel WiFi 6 only achieve 1/3 - 1/2 the speed.

2- Do you remember if this issue happened after a new Windows update or Wireless/Bluetooth driver update? Or is it happening since the first day that you have the computer?

h>> This has been consistent from the first day and across multiple WIndows and driver updates.

3- Is the Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 the original wireless adapter that came pre-installed in your system or did you integrate/replace it?

h>> Original OEM adapter.

4- Have you tried a different router or Access point for testing purposes? Maybe one that is AX compatible? Have you rebooted your access point, router, modem? Please provide details.

h>> I have two router/APs to cover my house, and the difference in performance is constant across both. My router is a Linksys EA7500 AC1900 which replaced one of my two Asus RT-AC66U dual-band AC1750 Gigabit routers when it couldn't maintain a connection to my modem. The second RT-AC66U is hardwired to one of the Gb ethernet ports on the Linksys and is running in AP mode. I did a factory reset on the LInksys router after upgrading my internet service so it picked up the new provisioning information, and have done a restart of both the Linksys and Asus units several times since. Once again, both Apple devices are working fine, so my wireless infrastructure is solid.

5- Router/Access point brand and model: h>> As above.

6- To have a baseline, could you please define what would be "optimum speed"? Please provide details about your current Internet Speed/Bandwidth plan and some screenshots showing how you monitor the speed.

h>> Optimum speed would be to get the full 800-900Mb/s coming out of my modem, but that's not realistic. I think that it would certainly be reasonable for the PC and Apple devices to achieve comparable speeds. The Apple devices are typically getting 450-550Mb/s, while my PC is getting 175-350Mb/s. All systems get 23-24Mb/s upstream against Xfinity's disappointing 20MB/s spec.

7- Have you checked if this behavior happens testing only the computer and the router? (no other wireless devices connected to the wireless network during this test).

h>> Once again, all systems are operating in the same environment, sitting side by side in the same location and running the speed tests individually within minutes of each other. While I have a couple of dozen devices connected to my network, none of them are steaming during these tests.

8- Run the Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU) to gather more details about the system:

h>> Attached.




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Hello @hij2001

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. We do apologize for the inconvenience. We will continue working through the original thread, therefore, we will close this new thread to avoid duplication of efforts.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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