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Problems Ad Hoc Networking with two AC-7260 Wireless Adapters

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Hello all,

I'm having some problems with setting up an Ad Hoc network between my Lenovo Thinkpad and a computer I built, with both of them running Windows 7.

The first problem I have is that the computers can only be about a couple of inches away from each other, otherwise they become out of range, i.e. the computers become disconnected. I'm not sure why the computers need to be THAT close to each other to work.

The second is that I feel like I should be expecting some wickedly fast transfer speeds, but unfortunately, that is not the case (as measured byhttp://iperf.fr/ iperf.fr). I've looked through some of the other threads in this forum, namely:


and tried all of the suggested fixes, but to no avail. I was wondering if it is even possible to utilize 802.11ac with Ad Hoc networks. I currently have resigned to thinking it's a driver problem (both currently operating, or maybe that I need Windows 8.1, or that maybe it just isn't possible.

Any help is appreciated.



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Hello AC, I do understand the inconvenience you have faced and I will be more than glad assisting you.

It is important to know if the laptop and the computer are able to connect to the router independently. Do you have internet connection? How's the performance? How is the transfer speed?

Which is the model number of the wireless adapter you are using on the computer you built?

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Hello Sylvia,

Thank you for taking the time to help me.

1) On both the built computer and the Lenovo Thinkpad, the wireless adapter is the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260.

2) Interestingly enough, on the built computer, I cannot see any wireless networks. I am at a college campus, and I can see all of the networks using the Lenovo, but for some reason, I cannot see it with the computer I built. That seems really strange. I've tinkered with the adapter settings so that it should be able to see any available 802.11a/b/g networks, but unfortunately I cannot see any.

Let me know what other information you need.



AC, first of all it is important to find out why the built computer is not working properly. This could be an installation problem or a defective adapter.

  • Would you please let me know which is the model number of the motherboard you are using?
  • The AC7260 is a laptop adapter or a desktop adapter?
  • Also, make sure you are running the latest BIOS, firmware and drivers.

Could you please check on device manager if the driver appears to be install?

Please check this URL for additional information.