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Problems with AC9560 Wireless Adaptor on Huawei Matebook 13 i5



I wonder if anyone can help with the following.

I have just purchased a Huawei Mate book i5 in the UK. Intel ac 9560 WiFi adapter

I have been having WiFi connection problems (Ranging from 3mbps to 37mbps) usually at boot its around 3mbps even with the latest intel ac9560 driver installed.

It is set to dual band 6 802. Intel driver updater is installed. It is not a router problem because my other laptops run at around 37 mbps. Huawei PC Manager reports all OK. 

I have tried various intel drivers (21.90. 21 to to but on boot Wifi speed reverts to 3mbps.

Please advise any solutions.

Summary of actions taken .

11th Sept 2020. More WiFi connection problems Matebook 13 2020 (New – 2 days old)

Driver was latest 120. Removed adaptor then restarted, put WiFi pin back in, result 2.94 mbps.

Then I went into device manager, intel AC9560. Driver was (16/04/2020)

I went to WiFi properties, configure, advanced, I checked setting, it was 6 Dual band 802 abg

I then disabled, then enabled, result was 37.37 mbps

Huawei PC Manager says everything is OK.

4 hours later the speed was back under 3 mbps ?

Can anyone help, Huawei have not responded.


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Hello Bob8,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  

To better assist you, please provide the following information:

  • How did you update the drivers of your laptop?
  • By any change did you use the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant?
  • What is your operating system version?
  • Have you tried a different network? If so does this behavior persist?
  • Have you tried the drivers/software provided by your laptop manufacturer?

Please run the following tool and attach the reports generated.   


Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU) Download link 


1.       Open the application and click on "Scan" to see the system and device information. 

2.      By default, Intel® SSU will take you to the "Summary View".   

3.       Click on the menu where it says "Summary" to change to "Detailed View".   

4.       To save your scan, click on "Next", then "Save".   

Esteban D.

Intel Technical Support Technician  

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Hi Esteban

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have now solved this problem.

The Laptop is running Windows 10  build 19041-508 with all latest updates. It operates in one location with one WiFi router. 

Running Windows trouble shooter did not find any problems. The intel auto updater stated everything was up to date as did Huawei PC Manager driver updater.

On the AC9560 I tried various drivers (I think this is the latest) but I also rolled back to and Nothing worked.

I uninstalled/reinstalled the adaptor, plus switched the WiFi on and off, that did not help.

Quite by chance I looked at the settings 1 to 6, it was originally set to dual band 6. I then set it to 4 2.4 GHz. 

Since then it has worked fine (Well the last 2/3 days) and I am getting around 35-37 mbps which is about the limit of my BT based fibre router. Currently its using driver but I don't want to update incase it starts becoming erratic again. 

Kind Regards

Bob (England)

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Hello Bob8,

Thank you for the update and all the information provided.

I'm glad to know that you were able to resolve this behavior after changing the wireless settings.

As an additional recommendation, I consider that is important to always update the software/firmware of a laptop using the drivers provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as they may perform some customizations on Intel generic drivers to meet the needs of their specific system design.

This is to avoid any potential impact caused by loading a non-customized drivers.

That being said, as you the issue is now resolved we will proceed with the closure of this inquiry.

If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread 

will no longer being monitored. 

Esteban D.

Intel Technical Support Technician

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