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Problems with Intel 7260ac dual band PCI half mini wireless adapter


Terrible problems with this wifi card.

I bought it as an upgrade to the Broadcom 1704 802.11n adapter supplied with my Dell laptop.

The Broadcom adapter, which is a much more basic adapter, connects to my wifi network, but only holds connection for an hour at best. It used to be fine before upgrading to Windows 10, but Dell confirm it is compatible.

The Intel 7260 doesn't connect at all. It can see the wifi network and connect to it, but try to connect to the internet or use the network, and I get various error messages and no connection.

The substance of the errors when I troubleshoot are stated that internet protocols missing errors and winsock errors.

I've tried resetting the netsh ip log and winsock. I've released the ipconfig. I've tried updating to the latest drivers. I've tried deleting the device in device manager and deleting the device driver as well, then re-connecting by cable to regain the drivers. Whatever I've done, it comes back to the same problems.

I've read a lot of problems with this adapter and will be returning it tomorrow, unless anyone knows the definitive solution.

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Before we go any further we would like to inform you that Intel does not support integration which is when the original wireless adapter is replaced by another one. Please check the information on this link about this particular matter: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/network-and-i-o/wireless-networking/000005687.html?wapkw=regulatory+information+regarding+hardware+installation Regulatory Information Regarding Hardware Installation or Upgrade for...

Since you mentioned that you ahve uninstalled the drivers in Device Manager and then reisntalling them again, we recommed that you contact your computer manufacturer first in order to find out if they have any customized drivers that is compatible with thie system you have. Click on this link: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/topics/OEMs.html Computer Manufacturer Support Websites

On our best effort to assist you and as a second option, please try the following:

1. Download and save https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25513/Intel-PROSet-Wireless-Software-for-Windows-10 Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software for Windows® 10 - version 18.21.0 File Name: Wireless_18.21.0_e164.exe

2. Go to Control Panel, Programs and Features and Uninstall "Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software", if it is installed. When prompted, choose the option to "Discard settings".

3. In Control Panel, Device Manager, Network Adapters, right click on the Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 and Uninstall it. Make sure you mark the option to "Delete the driver software for this device".

4. Reboot the PC or scan for hardware changes, check device manager and if an older driver is detected and installed, repeat the actions to uninstall and delete it as well. Repeat this process until the OS does not allow deleting the driver, or until the controller shows as Unknown Device.

5. Reboot or scan for hardware changes, then uninstall and delete any older driver versions as you did for the Wireless adapter.

6. Install the Intel® Wireless driver. During the first steps of PROSet/Wireless installation, make sure to customize the installation and install all the 3 driver components.