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(Solved) Wireless-AC 7260 crashes, tons of event ID 50xx's, NDIS resets, etc.


Problem manifested itself about 6 months ago; the adapter would lose connectivity (minutes to hours after boot) and the Event Viewer would show hundreds of event ID 50xx's logged by netwnb64, usually followed by tens to hundreds of NDIS resets requested by the driver. Clean shutdown not possible at this point (Windows 10). Was running latest OEM (HP) driver and tried latest Intel drivers to no avail. Dozens of clean driver installs. Replaced module twice.

Fix: rerouting the Main antenna lead (2) so it "approached" the edge of the module perpendicularly (just like the Aux lead (1) was oriented) vs. running parallel to the edge of the shield (see below). The lead wasn't touching the shield, but there must have been some inductive coupling going on with it running parallel along the edge of it. Since making this simple adjustment, my adapter has been rock solid. Not one error logged over the past several days.

I hope this helps someone avoid all of the aggravation I went through!

(Not my module, for illustrative purposes only)

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Next, you tell Intel the HP model, Intel will spring into action and tell HP about this problem so that they don't ship thousands of devices this way, each with the very same problem that could have been corrected in manufacture. Sounds about right? Great.

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