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Sporadic Wireless disconnections on 802.11n


Hello Guys

I am desperately in need for some help. Recently I upgraded the wireless infrastructure in my campus and deployed WISM2 controllers and Cisco 3502i APs throughout the campus. Until now all my users were using 802.11b/g/a speeds without any issues. However, now I am trying to enable 802.11n speeds in a test group of users by enabling AES encryption and I am seeing lot of issues. These test users sporadically loose wifi connection and an asterix appears in the WIFI icon in the task bar. Interesting part is that all the manually configured wireless networks in the laptop stop displaying. The broadcasted SSIDs continue to show up though. All these users are using "Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6200 AGN" wireless cards with driver version Is there a document somewhere which discussues about bugs with driver version trying to run 802.11n speeds? I had upgraded one of the client drivers to the latest 15.1 version. However, he still complained about wireless disconnection (I am not sure about this problem as I didnt personally attend his laptop to know the cause of diconnect). The problem is sporadic and intermittent, so hard to replicate or trace. I am looking for this document about any bug in running 802.11n speeds because based on that document I can talk to my management about a mass driver upgrade through GPO in order to flawlessly run 802.11n speeds. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for your post.


We do not have a list of issues that were fixed with each driver update, but we would like to investigate this a little further. For this we would need you to contact us directly to set up a ticket you may email us at mailto:MCDsupport@mailbox.intel.com MCDsupport@mailbox.intel.com. You may add my name in the subject line (Nathalie)


Some common things that may cause random disconnects: test a system setting it to maximum performance, to avoid the adapter from going to sleep, make sure that the network uses specific security and channel settings not combined ones (avoid setting a network to 2.4 + 5.0GHz set it to either 2.4 or 5.0Ghz, avoid setting it to TKIP/AES, set it to either TKIP or AES...etc)


Avoid using old profiles, set up new ones on one of the system and migrate it only to systems with same driver version.


Hi Guys,

I had silimar issue with usnetworkguy where our users had sporadic and intermittent connection to wireless connection. We are using cisco WISM controllers and cisco 1252 AP's througout the site. We had experienced this issue before and we thought it was an isolated since only a few users are affected. All of us are using intel(R) Centrino(R) Advance-N 6200 AGN adapters in all laptops. Currently, the numbers are growing but not all are affected. We couldn't see any issues on the controllers and the AP's since not all in the same are are affected. We were able to check the affected PC and here are the test results:

It can ping to our intranet sites but could not go in the internet.

others can go in the internet but could not open our intranet sites.

- all of these occured after they passed authentication and had proper IP address from DHCP server

This happens only to other users but not all and we could not trace or duplicate the error. We just unplug the wireless cards or swap wireless cards with other laptops with same model and all goes well again. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance