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Sporadic but recurring connection dropouts on an Intel 6235 wireless adapter


Dear all,

I have the same issues of intermittent sudden connection dropouts as reported by others with the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 Wifi adapter and the Intel Proset 15.x drivers!

My system is a brandnew desktop computer with an Intel i7 3770 Quad-Core CPU, an Intel Z77 chipset, an Asrock Z77E-ITX mainboard, 16 GB of RAM, and Windows 7 64-bit.

Previously, I already encountered the issue with this adapter's predecessor, the Intel Centrino 6230 and only managed to resolve it by going back to an older driver version. If my memory is correct, the Intel Proset 14.x version range worked flawlessly, but the 15.x drivers lead to the dropouts (I always use 64-bit drivers).

These can occur randomly after 5 or after 50 minutes. The adapter suddenly disconnects and won't reconnect to the wireless network unless it is reset. The wireless router itself is fine as there are over a dozen devices from all types of brands that connect regularly to it without any problem at all.

The fact that the problem occurs on two different cards (6230 and 6235) leads me to believe that there is a driver problem.

On the 6235, going back to a 14.x driver does not seem to be an option on the table, because the device seems to be only supported by 15.x versions. I already tried going back from the recent 15.2 version to the previous 15.1.1 (after uninstalling through the device manager), but the problem still persists. Now I just went back to 15.1.0 and it's been ok so far, but i'm not very optimistic.

I have tried different changes in the driver settings but with no success. The problem persists!

I'd be thankful for a solution.

Best regards,


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The 17.1.0 version of Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers has fixes for connectivity related issues with the Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 wireless adapter. If you are still experiencing connectivity issues after installing the very latest software and drivers and you require further troubleshooting, please contact Intel Customer Support. If you prefer to ask questions, make comments, and/or receive answers on this support forum (Wireless Networking Support Community), please start a new thread or find an existing thread that matches your specific issue with your specific hardware/software.



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Mark, your driver for 6235 was published in Dec 2013 and still doesn't fix the issue.

Packets are LOST after the first hop: ping works OK, but when I ping the next hop I loose 50% of packets.

When I rolled back the drivers, the connection became stable again.

Working drivers (they worked for me). (22.08.2013) http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/DriversForWin8/WiFI/WiFi_Intel_Win7_64_VER16152.zip http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/DriversForWin8/WiFI/WiFi_Intel_Win7_64_VER16152.zip

We are still preparing a class-action lawsuit against Intel on this case.

If anyone wants to get involved, email me at intel_classaction[@]ethaniel.com


There's your answer, all.

Intel thinks it's solved the problem and it obviously hasn't. I had the same issue when I spent (read wasted) hours upon hours of my time trying to fathom what Intel had released and the actual drivers underneath each release. The issue you have is two fold. The drivers released from Intel are bundled so that they include drivers for a slew of Intel hardware and so what comes out of the factory is a mixed message of 'here are the new drivers, Yay!' and 'oops, not for this card' as the revision date is the same as last, or at worse earlier...

...all that's new is the release of the bundle, period. Took me a while to work that one out - thanks intel. To add fuel to the fire, intel don't share the bugs fixed report for their driver releases and so you have no idea if the release even attempts to fix this problem. Essentially you're just guessing probably the same as Joe and Mark guess when they say the fix is available. All they're really saying is a new bundle is out and hey presto.

The second problem is the installed software from intel is a real pain to remove and reinstall. I had errors all over the place trying to remove it and add the 'new' drivers. To be frank intel software is has room for improvement and that's saying something as I've seen some pretty shonky software in my time. So Mark Hanna above may well be right that the drivers are out but I'd avoid breaking out the Champaign at this point in time if past performance is a judge of current and future performance.

I go back to my original statement yesterday. Don't lose sleep anymore, guys. Go get an Athlon card off EBay or a local stockist and get 'er done!. Also add note-to-self. AMD processors and avoid intel chipsets across the board where at all possible in the future. This is my mantra when purchasing computing equipment going forward. Go tell your friends and family, you at least owe them that, ey?!

Good luck - signed - a happy Killer Wireless end user with Windows 8 drivers happily working away, quietly, as if they weren't there :-)



My driver is up to date. The Intel Driver Update Utility confirms this to be true. If I'm asked if my driver is up to date one more time, I'm going to dramatically fling myself out the window. My driver is so up to date that it hurts.

Some of the suggestions under "http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-034658.htm Quick checks that might improve or fix connection issues" require me to use the Intel Proset/Wireless software. Unfortunately, that software isn't working for me. Here are all of the details: I've downloaded Wireless_16.10.0_e164.exe from this location: http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wtech/proset-ws/sb/CS-034041.htm Intel� PROSet/Wireless Software — Intel� PROSet/Wireless Software Downloads for windows 8.1, I've tried repairing it, and uninstalling/reinstalling it. This is what the download installs: Wifi Manual Diagnostics, Wifi Event Viewer, and Wifi Advanced Statistics tools. I need your WiFi Connection Utility, which is not included with the download. I've checked my Intel folder in Program files, and also performed a search. Having wasted hours messing around with these downloads, and navigating your website in search of answers, I finally abandoned all hope of getting the Proset software to work. If I've done something wrong, let me know.

A few things I was able to confirm without the Proset software:

The Wi-Fi radio is on

The Wi-Fi adapter is enabled

The router is functioning

The network adapter is being detected

There is no local interference: no cell phones nearby, no microwaves, no cordless phones, no bluetooth, I've even tried disabling the bluetooth on this very laptop, to see if that helps (it doesn't).

My power settings are set to support wifi adapter performance

There is no other router or access point using my router's channel

I've reviewed the recommended settings for 802.11n connectivity, and my settings match.

Please understand that none of your solutions have made a difference, save for the wifi radio check I couldn't try because of the Intel software issue.

If anyone's problem is solved by calling Intel, I'd love to hear about it. Since I've spent too much time trying the same Intel-recommended "solutions" over and over again, I'll now be moving on. I've already pointed my online networks to this thread, so that they may share in my bafflement, and avoid all products that use intel wireless (Lenovo, I thought we were friends!). I suggest you all do the same.

I'll be switching the Intel card out for one that works, as suggested by cam116. If anyone else is thinking of making a switch, be sure to check which cards are compatible with your device (the manufacturer's website should have a list). It also couldn't hurt to ask for advice at the forums on your manufacturer's website. I'll post again with details on my card-switch experience, though it might take a few weeks (exam time is here).

Thank you Intel, for teaching me, and everyone I know, a very expensive lesson on the importance of pre-purchase research.



I installed the driver and PROSET software you mentioned on my HP Envy 3277NR which has the Centrino 6235 Card. The driver file is Wireless_16.7.0_s64.exe and still doesn't fix the problem of dropped connections.

It has been 2 YEARS with this issue and no fix. If you cant fix it say you cant fix it, so we can look at other options like changing wifi cards. I am interested in replacing with Intel AC 7260 combo card but the Bluetooth software you provided for this other card is non functional and you promised to fix this soon as well.


Guess I'll throw my name in on this thread too since it seems to be the big one. Samsung Series 9, same wireless card, same symptoms. Right click on wireless icon and troubleshoot in Windows 8 resolves due to problem with gateway connection. Ping -t to gateway shows repeated dropped packets or high latency within 90 minutes routinely, sometimes much less time.

Problem appears to be most evident when transmitting. Packets dropped when clicking links mostly. Occasionally it'll drop 2-4 and come back. If the ping returns "General failure" then she's dead and needs to be disabled/enabled either manually or through the troubleshooter.

I am a service tech of 14 years. I use both Bluetooth and WiDi, and need my wired Ethernet connection as well (corporate VPN requires a wired connection). Disabling one or all of them is not an option and neither is using the non-WiDi Microsoft driver.

None of my other wireless devices exhibit this problem.

Given the number of times we have heard "a fix is on the way", this should be handled in the same way automobile manufacturers handle defects - via a warranty replacement with an automatic warranty extension to cover additional problems.

Instead of saying "we are aware of the problem", what is the next step in the process, Intel?


I've just installed the latest driver ( for Intel Centrino 6235 WLAN card. Still this card intermittently stops.

Computer: Intel NUC i5.

OS: Windows 8.1

Router: Asus N66U

When I connect with a wireless usb device, Asus N53, I have NO connection problem!

There is something about this Intel WLAN card that is seriously broken and the problems have been for years now.

And I thought Intel was a company with good knowledge.

When I bought My Intel NUC kit last week there was a Intel sticker in the package. I throw it away. There is nothing to brag about "Intel Inside"...

I've totally lost my confidence in Intel's ability to resolve this problem. I will return the whole shebang and buy a different system.


I just posted (yesterday) a report that when I disabled the Intel WiFi HotSpot Assistant, that all my problems disappeared. I spoke too quickly :-(. Things are much better, but NOW I NOTICE THAT

I cannot connect in N mode.


When I set my router to wireless mode: N-Only for 5 GHz, I cannot connect! Has anyone else seen this? Note, I can connect N-Only for 2.4 GHz. How irritating since this cuts the bandwidth way down for 5 GHz mode.


Details: (Tomato 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-116 K26 USB AIO-64K ) on asus RT-N66U


It this yet again another BUG?



Joel Parke



You are not alone, I have the same problem as well with the new driver and cannot connect to 5Ghz connections.


same Problem!! Sporadic connection dropouts


is already installed, the problem still exists


I urgently need a Solution, have several customer with the same problem


Laptop: HP Folio 9470M

OS: Windows 7 X64

Router: Motorola NVG589 (ATT)


location: GA, United States

WIFI: channel 6/802.11n no overlap with other networks

intermittent slow: 10% of actual real speed

losing connection

not able to connect to the network when it can be seen



My wifi connection is back

I had some wifi dropouts on my brand new NUC with this famous 6235.

I tried some settings recommended by some people but no one worked.

I asked my vendor and return the 6235, he told me that it's "out of order" after testing it.

He send me back a new card tested by himself and IT WORKS... for the time being !

I hope that it can help some of you.

New Contributor I

2014 and this POS Intel Centrino 6235 Wifi card is still dropping out and losing its IP address. You have got to be kidding me FailTel.

@joe You are completely useless to the intel community, you have not solved any issues, why do they pay you?

New Contributor I

It's funny after 2 years and no resolution in site, our warranties have expired, computer manufacturers do not care and of course the Hardware vendor of the Intel advanced-n 6235 WiFi card doesn't care. However they do care enough to stop bad publicity and have paid google to put their advertisements above the search listings now. Also of note is this post is not public anymore, in order to reply and search it you need to be logged onto the Intel website. Clearly they are still trying a Pentium type cover up on their failed product design and execution.

Apple would never do something like this, they would have resolved the issue the first time.


Could you guys please test something for me?

I chatted with a Samsung employee and he told me that we should try and disable IPv6 in the settings.

I try to test this too but with my laptop it happens very sporadic and if you would tell me that you have the same problem even with IPv6 disabled I could write Samsung again faster.

They told me that they would do a internal research then, maybe it wont't help but please let us try!

You can change this in the network settings of windows.



HP sent me a new wireless card for the laptop, same chipset and till now it has not showed any hickups. So it could be that some batches do have issues and others not. Still I will wait for a few weeks before drawing any conclusions.


Hi beegee

Did HP send you another Intel Centrino 6235 adapter? Or is it a different WiFi adapter? Can you please

let us know after testing extensively if this solved your problem?


Yes they did. Same Centrino 6235 chipset

the only odd thing I have is that it asks for the password to known Wifi networks but connects anyway.

This could have to do with the fact that it still remembers the old card too. The adapter is called Intel(R) Centrino(R) 6235 # 2 now in device manager.

I think that is more of a windows issue though...


Thank you.

Maybe it ask you for password if when you uninstalled PROSet software from control panel you did not choose "discard settings" for device. Then go in device manager and right click on 6235 Intel Centrino uninstall and check "remove software". After reinstall of PROSET you need to go in device manager, network adapter, 6235 advanced properties and set channel width from 20hz to 40hz again. You also need to re-enter your wifi password once.