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Sporadic connection dropouts on Intel 6205 and 6235 (others?) wireless adapters



I been googling and reading allot about this issue and there are already several threads about this so i dont think i need to go into much detail about this annoying issue which has wasted allot of my time already.

The reason i'm creating this thread is two fold.

Reason 1) I read here http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-034535.htm http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-034535.htm that Intel is saying this issue is for Windows 8 but here i'm using Windows 7 x64 and i have exactly the same problem!!! I use a clean install and have tested with 2 of the best routers around so i know it cant be my router nor my OS. My routers are Asus RT-AC68U and my old but still great Netgear R3700. I never had any issue with my Netgear and i know Asus RT-AC66U is considered one of the best routers. SO please test the drivers for Win7 as well!

Reason 2) I like some explanation to why i dont see the problem when i disable 802.11n ? Also why is it taking several months to fix something critical as this? WE are talking about Intel which is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) companies in the world? Or is this maybe low priority considering how many months we been waiting and how many threads there are on this topic already.

I hope someone from Intel can comment on my questions and also let me know if the problem is going to be fixed not only on Windows8 but also on Windwos 7. After all Windows 7 (x64) is used by many people and i know most my friends are actually going back to Win7 from Win8 due to the added shizzle Microsoft has added which is sort of annoying for most laptop users.

[Edit]: Actually for some reason i had to disconnect and windows 7 crashed even with 802.11n Disabled. I'm so angry right now!!! I bought a NUC and all the parts that are supposed to be tested and working but guess what! Shame i didnt go with a Mac mini as i was originally planing, here i was hoping Intel would make stable hardware/software

Thanks /Reza

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Still no answer

I really would like to know If the model 6205 is also going to be fixed for Windows 7 x64 in a close future?

Same with model 7250 AC, is the fix for Windows 7 x64 as well?

When roughly can we expect the fix? (Q1 is not good enough, we been waiting for a long time already!)


Reza, the Intel engineering department is aware of this thread and they are currently working to get this issue resolved. We still do not have an estimate time of resolution but you can keep checking the following thread for updates. https://communities.intel.com/thread/31090?start=990&tstart=0 https://communities.intel.com/thread/31090?start=990&tstart=0

Would you please check post # 961 page 65 and follow Joe's request?



Hello Sylvia,

I'm really sorry to say but your answer just makes me more angry! Nothing personal but are you telling me for the last 8 month Intel has been working on a software fix and still hasnt managed do come up with a fix? If that is the case i feel sorry for the department!

And how is the post going to help me exactly? I did say i was running windows 7 and also it says "be preinstalled by the system manufacturer." but as you hopefully know NUC dont come with a WLAN card but with a list of cards that supposedly are "tested" to work (which they dont) and lastly that is not really a help for me but rather asking me to be a tester for you!

Seriously Intel has lost all credibility in my eyes and its just shameful how a huge company like Intel is treating their customers.


Now i actually went and bought an "AC 7260" card to see if i have better luck with that and it had been working for 2 days now without any disconnect which has never happened with neither 6205 or 6235. I just hope its stable enough now but lets give it a week or so to see......


I'm sorry if my reply is sort of aggressive and not so nice but this is not a new problem and its so old and still there is no fix in sight. All the suggestions i read everywhere are not helpful and just waste of time. I would expect Intel stop selling these cards since this defect basically make the card useless. So yes i'm deeply disappointed how Intel which in my view has been a great company is treating its customers. Its nothing personal again you and i'm happy you replied so please dont take it personal and just lift this up with the higher management and push them for some resolution.