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Still Can't connect to Wireless N Centrino 6200

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Hello Everyone,

I know this is probably been beaten dead by everyone else but I still can't find a fix that works. I have a centrino 6200 card. An Linksys E2500 router. I have turned on WMM and set all the advance settings to on to support Wireless N on the laptop but still can't connect at more than 54mbs and if i turn it to N only, it won't even connect. I'm Connecting via AES encryption. I'm about to go crazy. Can anyone offer any more possible fixes.


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Thank you very much for posting Matthew.

We understand that you have some questions on regards to the Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200.

On regards to the description of your issue we would like to know if the wireless adapter came installed on your computer from factory just to make sure that you will not ran into integration issues. We would like to know also if you are using AES Encryption only.

Also, we would recommend you contacting your router manufacturer to download the latest firmware version, or get information on particular models supporting High Throughput.

You may also disable packet bursting or similar features on the router and configure the router wireless profile to use Wi-Fi Protected Access* (WPA2-AES or WPA2-TKIP).

You may also check the following link for further reference:

Intel WiFi Products: Data rate will not exceed 54 Mbps when WEP or TKIP encryption is configured.

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/4965agn/sb/cs-025643.htm http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/4965agn/sb/cs-025643.htm

I hope this helps