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Suggest Intel to open source the driver for all operating system, including Windows.


Please allow me to make the following suggestion. This suggestion not only apply to Intel's wireless card, but also other products.

In Linux operating system, there are open source driver for many products of Intel. If there is any bug, the community, and programmers around the world can help in testing, debugging and fix the bug.

Some end users of Intel products may be a programmer or a person who have knowledge in programming or software/driver development. For all operating system Intel develop the driver for, including Microsoft Windows, if Intel can make the driver open source, the following are the advantages:

1. Developers from Intel, end users, community, manufacturers who integrate Intel's products in their products, and programmers around the world can co-operate together to develop the driver, debugging, find and fix the bugs, test the driver, etc.

2. Faster the process of finding, debugging and fixing the bugs.

3. Lesser bugs and the faster in bug fixing make the end users more happy, and Intel can protect its products brand and reputation.

4. Attract more system manufacturers and end users to use Intel's products.

This is just a suggestion. Intel decide whether to follow the suggestion or not. But, to Intel, please consider it.

Ladies and gentlemen, please tell whether you support or oppose this suggestion.

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Thanks for sharing your suggestion.

Your concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate department.