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The latest AX200 Wifi/BT card's driver problem

AX200 Wifi/BT card's driver problem, After new driver 21.xx installed, My PC doesn't want recognise all my bluetooth speakers. Mobile phone connection service is Ok for these speakers but A2DP speaker disppeared from Windows sound service. Divice manager shows "Driver error". It worked fine with old drivers, what I can do ?

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What operating system? WIndows 10? What version? 1903?

Are you using an insider release?

What processor model number?

Provide the laptop or desktop model number or motherboard model number.





HI, Thanks for your quick action, Al.

I m on Windows 10, 1903(build 18362.10012). CPU intel i7 6700HQ, OEM PC mother board, "Notebook W65_W67RZ1 "

I m using insider program on SLOW mode.


I have 1 Bt speaker on BT5.0 & another on 4.2, so I was using 8265NGW card before and I want them on Bluetooth 5.0 & bought AX200.

When I was on driver, Bluetooth 5.0 mode worked fine & i was very happy (100 Meter long distance control !)

After updated to 21.30 xx driver, my PC doesn't want recognize both 2 BT A2DP mode speakers, however it worked like my mobilephone distance speakers/microphones.

I was trying to be back to 21.10 XXX driver, nothing changed.

On my PC's divece manager page, I find the message on the icon on my BT speakers like "Driver error".

I removed these WIFI card drivers & BT drivers both and reinstalled them all, & nothing changed at all.

You have anu idea for this problem ???

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Did the AX200 come with your notebook, or did you add it?

If you added it, did you coordinate with the notebook OEM?


The errors you are experiencing sound familiar, as your notebook (with a four year old processor) likely did not come with this adapter.


Also, 1903 is supported, but not the insider/beta releases.





Hi, these 8265 & AX200 cards, I bought them separately and I installed them by myself.

MY PC recongnize fine these both INTEL cards.

8265 card works fine on both & drivers on my PC.

Only AX200 on driver on BT not working correctly 😥

My problem is related with the latest driver only on Bluetooth use.

Wifi system is perfectly working well.

I think I m not only one but not found any same case on other forums. 😂

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You cannot simply install the card of your choice without the support of the manufacturer of that laptop/notebook.

Contact the manufacturer of the laptop and see what they say about support for that card.





Hi, Thanks for yr reply again.


I have contacted INTEL via SSU application with my PC configuration and they didn't reply me for long.


The resons why I posted this question bout AX200 are :

  1. Modification of wifi card is easy and very commun, I think many people upgrade thier laptop wifi card by themself. So I think I m NOT only one, also I m on Intel i7 CPU, not on AMD nor RENOVO.
  2. AX200 is the latest wifi card for wifi 6/AX but still working on general wifi & BT platform.
  3. it WORKED on old 20.xx driver. So it may be NOT very much from my mother board prroblem,,, I guess rather The latest Driver problem(?)
  4. I have 2 BT speakers ( BT5.0 & 4.2) at home ,. The 2 Both are NOT working only for A2DP mode bluetooth audio. Not only one of two BT speakers.
  5. My Windows 10 's Divice manager shows the message "DRIVER ERROR" on BT speaker icon, so I am still thinking INTEL is AWARE for this problem already.


I feel very S T R A N G E. . .


Hello ANach1,


Thank you for posting on the Intel ® communities.


I would like to confirm the information that Al.Hill has provided, the information and procedure must be done with the system manufacturer, this is because they develop drivers customized to work with the system and also test to make sure that the wireless adapter will work with said system. 


Please refer to the link below:


NOTE: If you already have a support ticket open then please stay with that support ticket to avoid having multiple interactions for a single problem. 



David V


Intel Customer Support Technician

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