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Two wifi cards (AC3165 and AX200) Results in a never-ending cycle of connection/disconnection


I recently purchased the AX200 pcix card to replace the functionality that was embedded on my motherboard (Gigabyte Z370 AROUS 5 with AC 3165). In normal situations I would prefer to disable the older wifi card and simply run the newer card (AX200). However, when both cards are enabled at the same time (whether or not one or both are connected to the same network), the computer significantly slows down and will alternately connect/disconnect from the wifi network every 5 seconds or so until one card is disabled. The slowdown affects access to device manager and control panel and other windows components and so it takes several minutes to disable one card. 

This is especially irritating because I cannot disable the integrated wifi card from the bios and it becomes re-enabled after every driver update. I have bluetooth disabled on the integrated card so that should not be a factor in this (bluetooth does not seem to re-enable after the driver update).

This should also not be related to a network-specific issue because I have turned off 5G for the AC-3165 card and do not have a 2.4ghz network saved. So during the interim period, only the AX200 card connects and reconnects while the AC3165 card is entirely inactive.

I am currently running the Windows 10 Pro Insider build 21322.rs_prerelease.210220-1651 

with the drivers for AX200 and for the AC3165 card (although this one is disabled typically)

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This doesn't surprise me; these cards aren't meant to be used together like this - and there are loads of issues running Insider builds.

If it's a mobo resource, you should be able to disable it in BIOS Setup. Are you sure that you cannot? I would be surprised to find this is the case.

Regardless, shutdown, remove the WiFi add-in adapter, boot into Windows, disable the 3165, shutdown, reinstall the WiFI add-in adapter and boot. You should be good to go then.

Hope this helps,


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It would seem to be a useful function to disable the wifi card from BIOS, but for whatever reason that was not implemented on this series of motherboard.

It would be nice to not have to remove my card after every driver update however haha

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