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URGENT- Intel WIFI Dropped from 700 Mbps to 0.5-50 Mbps after Windows 10 Update


First:  My HP Spectre 360 and Elitebook are with Intel Dual Band Wireless AC8265.  Updated to Driver date 1/1/2020, Driver Version  Below are my nightmare problems with the WIFI:

I signed up the 1000 Mbps ultra high speed Cox Internet.  I have connected it via Netgear Nighthawk X4S, AC3200 WIFI Cable Modem Router, certified by Cox for Multi-Gig Speed internet.  It is the latest DOCSIS 3.1, capable of up to 10 Gbps.  The speed is 970Mbps when Cox technician came to check with their meter directly connected to the Modem Router.

I used to be able to get up to 500-700 Mbps in early 2020 before I install the May-Jun Windows 10 Update and Intel latest driver.  Now I am struggling for 70-170 Mbps.  And it is NOT stable, it will reliably dropped to 0.5-50 Mbps after using the computer for 10-60 minutes.  I have to reboot the computer 2-4 times for the Windows 10 to regain to 80-170 Mbps.  It feels like there is a spy working in the background of Windows 10 and steal the resources, or trying to hijack the Windows 10 machine to do some other tasks for someone else.  This is after I have turned off the sharing of the PC for Windows 10 to share my PC resources with others for downloading updates.  I have also turn off all the Startup List practically all the  programs and application in the Task Manager.  The only ones running at start up are:  Intel driver Support and Assistant Tray, Webroot SecureAnywhere, HP notification, Windows Security notification icon. Nothing else.

Can someone with good connection to Intel Tech Support report this issue to Intel? Make them aware of this terrible situation.  I am a Microsoft and Intel stock holder and Windows 10 supporter, but very unhappy with the WIFI mess.   This seems to be a perpetual problem - After every Windows 10 Update, the WIFI speed always dropped to barely usable, and requires numerous restarts to bring back some speed.  Then there seems to be always someone hiding behind in the computer to hijack the WIFI to barely crawling, even with a the latest Netgear Cable modem/WIFI router built into the same unit, without any possible loss of performance.  Is Intel driver still not up to date to resolve the Windows 10 issues?  Your help will benefit the community tremendously!! 

Before Microsoft/ Intel resolves this issue, can someone with expert knowledge help resolve this issue?

Thank you very much in advance!!

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