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Upgrade killer wireless N 1202

Hello, I wanna upgrade my wifi card for a better one with more speedy.
Actually I have a laptop msi gt60 with a killer wireless N 1202, it's possible to do an upgrade with another one?
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It depends. Do you have a removable wireless card or is it a module soldered to the motherboard? If removable, then you can purchase any wireless card that meets the PCIe Half Mini form factor. Intel produced many generations of cards in this form factor, but only one, the Wireless-AC 7265 (7265HMW) has not been discontinued. This module offers Bluetooth 4.2 and Wireless A/B/G/N/AC support with a maximum throughput of 867 Mb/s.

Now, I said it depends. It is important to ensure that the laptop's BIOS has support for the insertion and use of this replacement card. Some BIOS  include Inclusion/Exclusion lists that will limit the replacements that can be used (it was a slimy way of forcing you to purchase your replacement only through the laptop manufacturer). Since the BIOS is the product of the laptop manufacturer, only they can tell you if the use of this replacement card is supported, so you will have to ask them.

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