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WLAN Intel 4965AGN Auto disabled

System: Toshiba Tecra M9 laptop

Running Win XP w/SP3, with update status current

WLAN switch appears to operate properly; however, once enabled, the 4965AGN driver will first indicate Enabled, then indicate a Disable status within 30 sec.

Device Mgr will then indicate Disabled as well. Changing 4965 status to Enabled via Device Mgr, with the WLAN switch ON, will cause the 4965 to momentarily indicate an Enabled status (ie, no red X), XP displays a message indicating WLAN hardware is Enabled. Within 20-30 sec, the WLAN status will switch back to Disabled (Status 22).

Intel 4965 driver software and management tool updated to version without improvement.

The Intel Pro Set/Wirelss Manual Diagnostic Tool does not help,as it simply states the hardware is Disabled and recommends using Device Mgr to re-enable the hardware.

It seems as if some other unknown process is detecing that the WLAN hardware being re-enabled, then Disabling it, repeatedly?

The laptop is running up to date, AVG AV software, with the Win XP Firewall enabled, as well as an Adware monitor.

The above observations were made at a time when the laptop was away from its home WiFi network and connected to a local LAN.

Should anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to resolve this situation, please advise.

Thanks for your assistance.

Ed Terry

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