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WiFi Driver (, 7265 vD) won't update to 21.90.3


On my HP ENVY x360 64-bit, my current WiFi driver is the Intel Dual-Band Wireless AC 7265 Version D,

I got a new router (Verizon G3100) that uses WiFi 6 (802.11ax) networks. But the 7265 Ver. D is 802.11ac and will of course not work with the WiFi 6. Verizon had an FAQ that explained the issue was the current router was 802.11 and provided a link to an Intel dowload page with similar explanations and links to download updated Intel drivers that fix the issue.

So I did indeed download Intel's update to the, 7265 Version the WiFi_21.90.3_Driver64_Win10.exe (ProSet Wireless WiFi Software) located here:


The file will run on my laptop, and says "Installation has been completed successfully." But despite this successful message, the driver does not update -- the, 7265 Version D remains active (and consequently, WiFi 6 on the router is disabled).

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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The WiFi driver package contains multiple drivers, each for a separate hardware solution. When the decision is made to publish a new package, the current version of each of these drivers is included. If no new driver is available, the existing driver will be included. Thus, it is possible to install a new package but not see a particular driver be updated. I believe that this is what you are seeing here. The package is successfully being installed but the driver for your hardware solution has not been changed since the previous package.


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