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Wifi Card wont connect to 5Ghz band


I have a custom built PC, having the intel wi-fi 6e ax211 160Mhz card. The problem is it only works with the 2.4Ghz connection, if i try the 5Ghz connection it just shows no internet, even though the same connection works fine with every single device in my household.


I have also attached the ssu logs for the reference.


Update- if I change my 5Ghz width to 20 mhz in router settings I'm able to connect with internet access but anything more such as 40mhz, 80mhz it doesn't works.

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check the access point settings

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It's puzzling that it only works with the 2.4GHz connection while other devices in your household can connect without any problems. hm... It's interesting that adjusting your router's 5GHz width to 20MHz allows for internet access, but wider settings like 40MHz or 80MHz don't work.

This problem seems to be specific to certain configurations and router settings.

Here are some steps you can take to try and resolve this issue:

Ensure you have the latest drivers for your Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211 card.Intel frequently updates drivers to fix bugs and improve performance
Check if there's a firmware update available for your router. An outdated firmware can cause compatibility issues with newer Wi-Fi cards.Experiment with different channels on the 5GHz band. Some channels may be more congested or have interference that can affect connectivity.

Access the advanced settings of your Wi-Fi adapter through the Device Manager and adjust the properties related to 5GHz operation. Look for settings like 'Wireless Mode' and 'HT Mode' and experiment with different configurations.

Other electronic devices, such as cordless phones or microwave ovens, can interfere with the 5GHz signal. Try moving your router or PC to a different location to see if this improves the connection.

Remember to back up any important data before making changes to your system settings, and proceed with caution when adjusting router or adapter settings.


Hopefully, one of these steps will allow you to use the full capabilities of your 5GHz network.




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