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Wireless-AC 7260 -- what kind of router is supposed to actually work with this?


I consider myself pretty competent when it comes to getting my computers to work but I've never experienced something so stubbornly problematic as the

7260 wifi card. I have a three year old laptop with a Broadcom card inside that gets 20-25mbps--my rated internet speed is 25mbps--and my smartphone rates about the same.

But my new laptop with the 7260 inside barely gets above 6 or 8mbps. And that's right next to the router, which is a Netgear router that is a few years old. I bought another laptop a month ago and returned it because of wifi issues, then got a different model with same issues and I realized that both had the same wifi card installed. Then I spoke to a Best Buy employee and they told me that people are returning laptops left and right with these cards installed. The Toshiba Radius hybrid is a great example of this -- a very appealing machine at first but the wifi complaints about this are vast. Now I have an Acer Aspire and same thing--this 7260 is seriously messed up!

I notice there have been quite a few wifi driver updates recently for the 7260, as if intel is trying to fix this but simply can't. The latest drivers, for me at least, make absolutely no difference. I've done searches and seen no end of tips or tricks that are supposed to get this thing to work but nothing makes a significant impact. The fact that it's this difficult to get this thing to perform as well as other wifi cards that are years old says that this should have been recalled already.

I guess my question to the intel "experts" -- what router is this 7260 wifi card intended to work best with? I'm using Windows 8.1, btw.

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Not really an intel employee, but I haven't encountered a WiFi router/AP (regardless of enterprise or consumer router setup) that caused speed problems with 7260. 5 Ghz AC is extremely stable on 7260 so any WiFi AC router with stable firmware should work perfectly with 7260 and give you 500 Mbps actual speed out of 866.7 link speed.

I am really sorry for this inconvenience.

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