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Wireless AC7260 very slow lan speed


I have a netgear wndr3700 n600 router. I have upgraded from a netgear n150 usb adapter to the wireless 7260ac mini pcie adapter. Previously when I transferred data over the lan I used to get speed around 8-9 Mbps with the usb n150 dongle. now that i have upgraded to 7260ac my lan transfer speeds have dropped to 1 - 1.5mbps. are there any setting that I need to change?

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We first suggest contacting the system manufacturer to determine which product is approved to be used in your computer since the adapter purchased may not be compatible with your system or support your local wireless regulations.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-011644.htm Intel� Wi-Fi Products; Regulatory information regarding hardware installation or upgrade

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Exact same problem with mine. Just installed 7260ac up from a 6235 and went from ~200Mbps to 5Mbps with the added bonus of dropped connections every 5 to 15 min that won't clear up unless win 7 resets driver. My Router is a netgear n7000 nighthawk. The adapter claims it connects at 866 Mbps but using netstress, it does not go over 5Mbps via lan. I don't know what my college campus uses for their wifi access points but 5ghz is also limited to 5 Mbps (despite excellent signal strength) and drops like crazy there as well.

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The 7260AC isn't compatible with your laptop. I have mine clocking at 180Mbps (300 Mbps link speed) speedtest.net results at my university 5 GHz Wireless-N WiFi. Zero dropped connecttions with consistent 0 - 1 ms ping to AP.


Nope, just buggy Intel drivers was all that was wrong.

I'm pulling 50 MBps via netstress to a gigE wired pc now thanks to the Dell drivers. My Laptop is an Dell Latitude D630 that shipped new in 2007... Word of caution to others trying this driver. When I first installed this version of the driver, I saw no improvement and neither did windows recommend a reboot at any point. I uninstalled the 16.7 prior and deleted driver files first before my first try but I was still getting disconnects and 5 Mbps transfer rate over lan. It was not until I tried the 16.6 driver, then uninstalled that via device manager and checking the box that deletes everything, rebooted the PC, then used device manager to install for a second try did this card start to work right. My Laptop is an Dell Latitude D630 that shipped new in 2007 and I am not using any Intel extra software. All I'm using is just the driver and windows 7 x64. I don't know if Bluetooth is working as I don't use it for any of my devices.