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Wireless on Inspiron 17 (7737) not working properly


Wireless on Inspiron 17 (7737) on Windows 8.1. When I boot with laptop plugged into wall, wireless works. If I reboot (even if plugged in), close top (suspend) or boot without power, my wifi (N-7260) will not even show up in device manager. I've tried updating drivers but nothing works. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello Johnba,

Was this wireless card the the original one that came installed when you bought your laptop?

Has it worked before ?

If it came already installed, where did you install the drivers from?

Please, check this link below as it may help you to resolve connectivity issues:

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/sb/CS-030709.htm?wapkw=wifi+recommended+settings Wireless Networking — What are the Recommended Settings for 802.11n Connectivity?

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-034658.htm Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Quick Checks That Might Improve or Fix Connection Issues

You can also do the following:

a. Press Windows key +X and select Device Manager.

b. Right-click the device and click Properties.

c. On the General tab of the device Properties dialog box.

d. Check the status of the device and let us know.


It is the original card.

Yes, it has worked before, without issues. As of late, it's been trouble.

I used the Intel driver update utility to get the latest driver. I did get one from Dell but that didn't work either.

It's not really a connectivity issue, it's a detection issue. The wifi card will not be detected by the computer if I reboot it, or if I do not have the power plugged into the wall. If I'm cold booting it with it plugged in, it works fine.

Since I rebooted, nothing is showing in Device Manager.

If I cold boot (with power plugged in), it will show up in Device Manager and work fine.

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