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ac 7260 in a toshiba p55w slow connection, i pretend a solution!!


p55w with AC7260 wifi card. downloaded all the latest drivers. tried all the setting possible on my modem. tried out in many different modems

All people tell me was a win 8 issue, im here downloading the same file from the same router with a Hp friend computer using win 8 too. her download speed is arround 7Mbs my speed is arround 1Mbs or less.

I saw a lot problems report about this wifi card and intel don t do anything. i pretend a solution NOW. I already lost hours of work cause this incompetence problem so I wanna be refound. Is a well know issue so Intel what is doing about that? so, pretend in name of all the users pass trough my same hell an asolution. NOW.

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Hello Bontix,

We believe we have sent you some recommendations recently in another thread you posted: /thread/60383 https://communities.intel.com/thread/60383 - We may continue our discussion in the thread that has been responded to avoid any delay in the assistance.