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ax201 Toshiba laptop compatibility


I'm considering upgrading my WiFi card to the ax201, but cannot find a way to check its compatibility with my Toshiba L55-B5276 running Windows 10. Is there any way to determine this? It appears the slot can accommodate a wider card than what is currently configured (2.4Ghz OEM card), but not a half-height (already tried).

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You would need to ask toshiba.


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First of all, the AX201 is a PHY device that relies on the chipset to provide the MAC portion of the solution. You do not have such a chipset in your laptop. What you want is the AX200, which includes both the MAC and PHY portions of the solution.

Secondly, your laptop has a PCIe Half Mini Card (a.k.a. M.1) connector. The available cards from Intel that have the AX200 silicon utilize the Next-Generation M.2 connector. All is not lost, however; there is at least one 3rd-party vendor that is manufacturing an AX200 card in the PCIe Half Mini Card format. This is the one that I purchased and use regularly: https://www.newegg.com/derapid-mpe-ax3000h-mini-pci-express/p/0XM-02WM-00014. I have been told that this card is available via ALI Express as well.

All this said, you need to check with Toshiba and ensure that this card can be supported. Some (I consider them slimy) manufacturers will include Inclusion and/or Exclusion Lists in their BIOS to ensure that you purchase all upgrades through them.

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Hello Scott,

I am pretty new to this forum but I have a similar issue. just got a desktop PC HP EliteDesk 800 G4 which has a Intel i7-8700 @3.20 GHz. Motherboard is provided with M2. slot for a WI-FI Intel® 9560 802.11AC 2x2 with Bluetooth® M.2 Combo Card non-vPro™. I have a WI-FI 6 router and would love to use the WI-FI 6 capability with my new PC. By doing some research I saw that the Intel WI-FI 6 AX 201 is the new version of the 9560. However I am not sure if this card is compatible with my processor as I read in several tech posts that AX 201 is compatible only with 10th generation Intel processor and mine is a 8th generation. Should I use the AX 200 instead? The PC BIOS and all drivers are up to date. Any help is truly appreciated.



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@giovanni95816  Stop with the multiple posting.


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Thank you, but I believe my current card is m.2 and not half-height. The model is WiFi Card PA5197U-1MPC (Atheros AR9485 QCNFA125 M.2 NGFF WIFI CARD WIFI Module PA5197U-1MPC - Newegg.com). Even though I might be able to accommodate a half-height with an adapter, the one I attempted was too wide (slot-wise) and the hold-down screw hole doesn't line up with the screw in the motherboard.

So, assuming that the AR9485 does not come in both m1. and m.2 flavors (meaning mine is PCIe/m.1 after all), my replacement would need to be m.2 and the same form-factor -- but with 5Ghz WiFi capability. I've ordered this one: Intel Dual Wireless-AC 7265 Wifi/BT Card (7265NGW), so we'll see if it works.

BTW, I'm also assuming that because the current card is slightly narrower than the slot means that a wider card supports BT as well (the current card does not).  Possible?



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In this case, as AlHill mentioned, you should check with Toshiba for compatibility and instructions. This is because the laptop and the BIOS must support and be compatible with the new wireless adapter.

Bear in mind that non-original wireless adapters may not work as expected. Please check with Toshiba for driver and firmware if available for the new wireless adapter.

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I installed the newer card I purchased [Intel Dual Wireless-AC 7265 Wifi/BT Card (7265NGW) ], and it works perfectly in my Toshiba Satellite L55-B5276. I now have 5Ghz performance AND integrated Bluetooth. A truly successful upgrade.