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enable an intel pro 3945ABG Network Card after I disabled it

I right clicked and disabled my net card and now it show icon on task bar with an X but it won't appear on my device manager!! Howww do I enable it again???I've looked all over troubleshoot ; no solution Help!!!

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Hello rx7racer,

If the adapter is not shown in Device Manager after you disabled it, also from device manager, there are still a few things to consider:

- When the adapter is disabled, it should not disappear completely from Device Manager, it would just be marked as disabled, so you could right-click and enable it back again.

- New Windows* versions, like 8.1, have a feature to disable Wireless connections, please make sure that Airplane mode is off, and verify that Wi-Fi is enabled in the OS.

- Most computers have a hardware switch to disable Wireless devices. This is normally done with a switch in the chassis of the PC, or it may be done with a Keyboard combination.

- If you confirmed the actions mentioned before, and the issue persists, it may have been that the driver was removed. If this is the case, you may contact the Computer Manufacturer Support, or check Intel® Download Center to obtain the driver for the adapter again.