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intel 7260 no funciona bluetooth ni opcion inalambrica N o Ac


He adquirido hace unos días, un adaptador de red Intel 7260. para aprovechar mi conexión WIFI de 500 Mb.

Pero ni me funciona el bluetooth y las opciones de conexión inalámbricas son a/b/g .

he descargado los drivers de la pagina de Intel, e incluso formatee el disco duro instalando windons 7 home (64 bit) sin éxito .

también lo hice con Windows 10 Home (64 bits) con idéntico resultado .

mi equipo sony vaio procesador Intel core 7 ,8 Gb DDR3 .

consegui ver el bluetooh tapando físicamente el pin 51, pero no creo que eso sea un solución . Si alguien puede apotar algo se agradece.

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Hello EAG,

As per our translator application, we understand you're having issues with your new Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260.

Please keep in mind that custom wireless integrations are not supported:

In many cases, differences in wiring or features may prevent your new adapter from working properly. Your wireless adapter using the PCIe interface to communicate, while Bluetooth* connects via USB. If your previous adapter did not have Bluetooth* functionality, it's possible that your system won't recognize the Bluetooth* module in your adapter. Because of this, we recommend verifying with your computer manufacturer before purchasing a replacement adapter, and if possible, to purchase your replacement from them directly.

In our best effort, we can recommend making sure that you're using our latest drivers and have set up your adapter with our http://www.intel.la/content/www/xl/es/support/network-and-i-o/wireless-networking/000005544.html recommended wireless settings.

While your settings may only show 802.11a/b/g under Wireless Mode, Wireless-AC is enabled/disabled throught the "HT Mode" setting:

  • HT Mode = 802.11n
  • VHT Mode = 802.11ac

Wireless mode only serves to limit your adapter to an especific legacy mode.

To verify which wireless radio type you're currently using, the NETSH command will be very helpful:

  • netsh wlan show interfaces

In this example, the computer is connected to a Wireless-N network.

We hope this information helps.

Best regards,


Carlos A.
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