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intel my wifi technology not working?

HI i have a problem i bought my laptop and it had intel my wifi technology in it and i would use it to share my internet to my phone and ps3 and one day it just stopped working my phone wont work with the wifi or anythin neither the ps3 i really need help im downloading my wifi dashboard to see if it helps. btw im new and thanks for the respond.

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Community Manager

Thank you for your post thormunz.

You may download the dashboard from the link below, just select the one that matches your Operating System version (Windows* 7 32 or 64 bit)

For the dashboard to work you must have installed driver version 15.1.1. If you do not yet have this you may download it below:

to use the "Hotspot" feature you would need to be using one of the latest wireless cards, if you install the dashboard and it does not allow you to use the Hot spot feature or if you just want to continue using the Intel® My WiFi technology, then you could download it form here:

For Windows* 7 64 bit download the Wireless_14.3.1_s64.exe file from the link below:

For Windows* 7 32 bit download the Wireless_14.3.1_s32.exe file from the link below: