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intel wireless-N 7260 stops working on windows 8.1 shutdown


Hi all!

I'm facing a strange issue with my new laptop. A new lenovo thinkpad s440 with windows 8.1 x64 and latest intel intel proset drivers (17.0.5).

If my laptop is connected to the charger, i can do whatever i want and i see no issues with the intel adapter (didn't test speed, but no connection drops).

If my laptop is running on battery, everytime i use the windows 8.1 shutdown button, next time i power on my laptop the adapter is gone. In the device manager the adapter is reported as: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code 43)". If i restart the laptop the adapter is back and connecting to my wireless. If i do a hard shutdown (shift + shutdown button) the adapter also works fine.

It seems there is a big issue with intel wireless-N 7260 adapter with the default shutdown behaviour of windows 8.1. Any solutions for this?

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Hi tcmsimoes,

Let me help you with that.

There are some steps I want you to try:

  1. Update the BIOS in your system to latest.
  2. Power cycle the computer. Disconnect the batter and all cables from the laptop and press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds. Then reconnect the battery and power AC adapter.

Please test the system and let me know the results.

Kevin m


Thanks for the reply!

I do have the latest BIOS for my laptop. Unfortunately I cannot remove the battery from it as the model has built in battery (don't want to unscrew it after only 4 days of ownership).

Any other tip I may use?


I understand. Please try installing a previous driver version so we can discard a driver issue. You can download the drivers at this page:

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wtech/proset-ws/sb/CS-034041.htm http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wtech/proset-ws/sb/CS-034041.htm

Also there is a setting you can try changing. IT is under Power management at the Adapter settings called "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

In case it still failing I recommend you contacting your Computer Manufacture since this could be a hardware problem.


I buy a new lenovo thinkpad s440 with windows 8.1 x64 and spend two weeks and every thing was working fine, suddenly I did experienced the same strange issue with my new laptop after two weeks from buying it. but with Microsoft compatibility ver. 16.5.3 .

I did the following trails:

1. install Driver Ver. 17.0.2., the result not working.

2.Install (Intel Driver Update Utility) from Intel site and it checked the system and recommended Ver 17.13.11, the result not working.

3. install Driver 17.0.0, the result not working.

4. uninstall all previous versions.

5.uninstall the driver itself from Device Manager and let windows scan and define it, the windows define with the same previous Ver 16.5.3, but the amazing issue is that the driver getting working correctly.

I did not know what is the exact step that solve the issue but it did solved.