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no matter how many times i try to download a bluetooth driver it doesnt appear on device manager


i look at the intel assistant which i have, it says nothing is missing then i go to devide manager and cant find bluetooth anywhere.

i believe this may be the root problem behind the fact that bluetooth does not appear anywhere on my actions/notifications are, this also means that i dont have an option in "bluetooth and other devices" to turn bluetooth on or off.

i can tell you any additional info if needed, i got new bluetooth earphones and i would like to connect them to my pc if there is another way to do this please say.

thanks for reading

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Hi Ryanalreadyexists,

You don't mention anything about the hardware. What type of PC or laptop is this? And what wireless or wireless/Bluetooth combo is installed?

Usually in cases like this, there are a few things to check that are the root cause. First, make sure the Bluetooth device is enabled in BIOS. Sometimes this will be labeled Bluetooth Radio. The second most common thing to check is a keyboard sequence that can enable/disable Bluetooth. Many times a laptop will have a key combination that quickly toggles the Bluetooth on and off. In both of these scenarios, Device Manager will not show the Bluetooth device because it is disabled.


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