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How to apply academic license for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition (windows)?


I would like to apply for the academic license but I didn't find any way to do that. Even the website is very complex, I could not understand anything. Can anyone please share me that way? Thank you.

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Hi Tanmoy, please note that Intel® Parallel Studio XE has transitioned over to Intel® oneAPI now. Intel® Parallel Studio XE was basically a suite that would hold the tools within itself. Now, you have access to each of those tools separately. Please note that since this transition, you would no longer require a license to install Intel® oneAPI for free software editions. In case you want to re-apply for your purchased academic license, we suggest you to contact your nearest re-sellers/distributors. To find their contact information, please click here:, and contact your country from the drop down menu.

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