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I want to download Intel FORTRAN version .


I would like to introduce Intel FORTRAN version into the Nissan environment.

Currently, only Intel® HPC Toolkit - Community Support 2024.0.0 is displayed on my download screen. Please tell me how to obtain other versions.

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Hi 太郎 篠原, please note that Intel® Fortran Compiler 19.1.0 comes with Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2020 which is an older and unsupported and are not available publicly, only the Intel® oneAPI Toolkits and the latest products are available for download and installation.

Intel® has decided that Intel Parallel Studio XE, All Editions, All Versions are not supported anymore. We urge users to upgrade to the latest version of Intel® developer tools. The unsupported versions do not include the latest functional and security updates. These versions are targeted to be removed after a period. Users with active priority support can only access older product versions.

For more information refer to the link:, and scroll down to the Unsupported Product Version.


Intel® oneAPI users with active Intel Priority Support can access older versions via a secure portal you gain access to as part of your support subscription. 


FAQ's Priority Support Link:

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Hi 太郎 篠原, unfortunately we were unable to hear back from you. 


If you have any further query, please post a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel®. 

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