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Installation problem for Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Windows


Dear support team,

I am a user of Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Windows.

Today, I tried to install the 2020 Update 4 version and experienced a problem.

I downloaded a Customizable Package and checked C++ Compiler 19.1 Update 3, Visual Fortran Compiler 19.1 Update 3, Threading Building Blocks 2020 Update 3 and Debugger Extension 8.3 for installation and click 'Next'.

However, the installation procedure finished prematurely a few minutes later with 'Download failed : Failed to download installation files, possibly due to a network connection problem. Retry or cancel installation.' message.

I think that my network has no problem because I was browsing other web sites during the installation.

So, I tried to search about this issue to solve the problem, and I found a same issue on here as below.

I am still trying to install it and enduring this issue. Furthermore, I am not able to download other versions like 2020 Update 1 and 2 not only Customizable Package but also Full Package on web site with a message about network issue. I think I was very lucky to download a setup file of 2020 Update 4 version.

Please let me know what I try to do to solve this issue.




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