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Integration of OneAPi in Visual Studio 2019 fails


I am trying to install IntelOneAPI to work with MS Visual Studio 2019, but integration of OneAPI in Visual Studio fails (see attached file).

> OneAPI-Version: 2022.3.0

> MS VisualStudio 2019 V 16.11 (details see attached file)

> I tried Installation several times:

  .. install VS2019, then install OneAPI and always got an error.

  .. reboot or don't reboot computer between installation of VS2019 and OneAPI.

  .. repair or complete uninstall and reinstall VS2019 and OneAPI

  .. two VS2019 Versions: V16.9 and later V16.11 (as I saw this is recommended in the compatibility table)

  .. use other folders than default folder for the temporary copies of OneAPI.

> In the forum there are some similar posts, but no solution solving my problem.

> The computer runs with Windows10 and has no internet access, so the offline installer is used (w_BaseKit_p_2022.3.0.9573_offline, w_HPCKit_p_2022.3.0.9564_offline)


I spend several hours in that task without any success, never hat installation problems with older versions (we use the VS/IntelFortran mix since over 20 years).

Can you give an advice, how to solve this.

Please contact me, if you need additional specific details.

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