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Intel oneAPI License Questions for Commercial Business


I am looking for guidance and assistance on the End User License Agreements for Intel oneAPI and Intel oneAPI Toolkit (specifically HPC). So my company is a software development company of under 10 people who manage a software which has a developer community. We in our day to day perform maintenance, code validation, code improvements, and related software development tasks to the software on local owned by the company machines (~30), ranging across all 3 major software OS's (Mac, Windows, Linux). The developer community do the same but our developers are mainly academics who contribute to the software from their own university resources. Our software is a commercial software and we use Intel Compiler (I believe 17, which we have a license for) to compile our binaries for the sale of our software.

My license question is therefore, what are we allowed to do with Intel oneAPI. We are interesting in

1) just internal use of Intel oneAPI for our own internal testing and continuing support to our developer community (who have various ranges of different compilers) of our software.

And 2) What does the license allow use to do in terms of compiling our software for the sale and distribution of our binaries?

Internally we are mainly interested in using Intel VTune for code analysis and general Intel compilation support (validate our software compiles with Intel oneAPI).

And related question is since we have a team of developers (~ 10 employees) who would like to use Intel oneAPI for compiling across many of our computers does a company account need to download across all the machines or are we as individuals allowed to download on our work machines for work related usage?

In addition, I don't believe we need Priority Support since our issues will mainly be our own internal issues regarding compilation of our code with Intel oneAPI. Therefore we most likely do not need the Support purchase since we have not ever had the need to post tickets or utilize Intel support for our needs. Unless the support with Intel unless it offers additional features that are not apart of Intel oneAPI toolkits.

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Hi Peter, unfortunately we will not be able to comment on the usage of licenses.

For any confusions, please contact your legal department to confirm if your usage is in accordance of the EULA agreements.


I am looking for Intel to help me with  this.  I have contacted been  in  contact with a Intel support chat which  sent me to an Intel support ticket which sent me here.  I am needing advisement from Intel about these questions,  the  underlying question is can my commercial business use Intel oneAPI to compile our code to then  commercially sell the binaries.   This is not about our legal team reading but someone from Intel advising.  Because if our legal team interprets the EULA as acceptable but then Intel sues us then I did not do my due diligence to get advisement from Intel.  Which is why I have been through 3 different Intel avenues to help with this.


Peter, on consultation with our internal teams, we can state that we, at Intel®, cannot offer legal guidance on the use of our products, or interpretation of our Intel® EULA agreements.


Peter, unfortunately we were unable to hear back from you.

If you have any further queries, please post a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel®.