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Is oneAPI functions really ok on ipex(intel_extension_for_pytorch)?


I had tried to install oneAPI on windows,then install a conda,followed instrutions on:Welcome to Intel® Extension for PyTorch* Documentation!

But it report errors like:Error loading "C:\ProgramData\anaconda3\Lib\site-packages\intel_extension_for_pytorch\bin\intel-ext-pt-gpu.dll" or one of its dependencies.

Just like what happened when I tried to install it on wsl,on ubuntu 22.04,if I directly install AI tool kit and source it,it returns segmentation fault then teminated the python complier after I used to('xpu') methor.And if I tried to install with commands above for linux,it reports missing on a gpu related .so package.

In ipex document,oneAPI ver 2023.2.0 is requested,but it automatically downloads 2024.0 when I tried to get through.

What should I do to train my model on my windows system?Not directML,but ipex because even 12G Gmem is too small for dml consumptions.I need a way for a speed and compacity at lease meets GTX 1080,better be able to accelerate by integrated graphics.If oneAPI ver 2023.2.0 is basical but no support with 2024.0,is there any way to get a installer?

Main sys:windows 10 22H2 19045.3693

python tried but faild:3.11.5,intelpython 3.9.

Driver version:


NUC X15 laptop kit,added in 32*2 4800mhz mem,1T KIOXIA RC20 SSD.


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Hi 子棋 彭, we can see that you have created a duplicate thread here:, with a similar concern. We will close this thread as a duplicate and we will continue our support on that thread.  


If you have any further query, please post a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel®. 

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