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Problem setting up the environment using modulefiles


Dear All,


On a fresh system (Rocky Linux 8.8) I installed the HPC Toolkist (as local root user):




The installation program ran successfully, afterwards I created the modulefiles using this command:


cd /opt/intel/oneapi/
./ --output-dir=/opt/modulefiles/intel


This script gave the following output:


:: Initializing oneAPI modulefiles folder ...
:: Removing any previous oneAPI modulefiles folder content.
:: Generating oneAPI modulefiles folder links.
:: init_opencl/2023.2.0 -> /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/2023.2.0/linux/lib/oclfpga/modulefiles/init_opencl
:: oclfpga/2023.2.0 -> /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/2023.2.0/linux/lib/oclfpga/modulefiles/oclfpga
:: init_opencl/latest -> /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/2023.2.0/linux/lib/oclfpga/modulefiles/init_opencl
:: oclfpga/latest -> /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/2023.2.0/linux/lib/oclfpga/modulefiles/oclfpga
:: debugger/2023.2.0 -> /opt/intel/oneapi/debugger/2023.2.0/modulefiles/debugger
:: debugger/latest -> /opt/intel/oneapi/debugger/latest/modulefiles/debugger
:: dev-utilities/2021.10.0 -> /opt/intel/oneapi/dev-utilities/2021.10.0/modulefiles/dev-utilities
:: dev-utilities/latest -> /opt/intel/oneapi/dev-utilities/latest/modulefiles/dev-utilities
:: inspector/2023.2.0 -> /opt/intel/oneapi/inspector/2023.2.0/modulefiles/inspector
:: inspector/latest -> /opt/intel/oneapi/inspector/latest/modulefiles/inspector
:: itac/2021.10.0 -> /opt/intel/oneapi/itac/2021.10.0/modulefiles/itac
:: itac/latest -> /opt/intel/oneapi/itac/latest/modulefiles/itac
:: mpi/2021.10.0 -> /opt/intel/oneapi/mpi/2021.10.0/modulefiles/mpi
:: mpi/latest -> /opt/intel/oneapi/mpi/latest/modulefiles/mpi
:: tbb/2021.10.0 -> /opt/intel/oneapi/tbb/2021.10.0/modulefiles/tbb
:: tbb32/2021.10.0 -> /opt/intel/oneapi/tbb/2021.10.0/modulefiles/tbb32
:: tbb/latest -> /opt/intel/oneapi/tbb/latest/modulefiles/tbb
:: tbb32/latest -> /opt/intel/oneapi/tbb/latest/modulefiles/tbb32
:: oneAPI modulefiles folder initialized.
:: oneAPI modulefiles folder is here: "/opt/modulefiles/intel"


Unfortunately multiple problems occur:

1.) I cannot determine the modulefile containing the icc compiler. I would expect there should be a module called "compiler" or similar, but as you can see above, there is none.
2.) The paths inside the created modulefiles are wrong, e.g.


module use /opt/modulefiles/intel
module add mpi/latest
which mpicc
/usr/bin/which: no mpicc in (/opt/intel/oneapi/mpi/intel64/libfabric/bin:/opt/intel/oneapi/mpi/intel64/bin:/usr/share/Modules/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/opt/pbs/bin:/opt/pbs/sbin:/root/bin)
echo $PATH


As you can see two mpi-paths are added to the environment:




Both of them do not exist, because the correct path should be:




I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this problem.

Could it be that the modulefiles and/or the are not updated to incorporate the current directory structure obtained from the installer.


Thank you!

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Hi Oliver, we see that you have created the similar query here: We will continue to support your query on the main thread.  


If you have any further queries, please post a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel®. 

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