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UBSAN error in dmesg after OneAPI installation (Ubuntu 20.04, non-Intel CPU)


Dear all,

I have recently installed the OneAPI BaseKit (l_BaseKit_p_2022.3.0.8767) on a server running Ubuntu 20.04 (with HWE kernel, version: 5.15.0-46-generic #49~20.04.1-Ubuntu) with an AMD EPYC 7443P CPU. The installer was left at the default settings, and all components were installed.

After the installation, I have found these messages in the dmesg:
[4819887.770431] UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in /opt/intel/oneapi/vtune/2022.4.0/sepdk/src/socperf/src/pmu_list.c:392:60
[4819887.770710] index -1 is out of range for type 'PMU_INFO_NODE [10]'

Please see attachment for complete dmesg log of the event.

To me this looks like a bug in the Intel Vtune kernel module, it should not be running into undefined behavior even if it is installed/started on a non-Intel CPU. It is perfectly reasonable that it only supports Intel CPUs, but it should still handle the situation gracefully and not run into UB.

This is especially a problem because the installer installs the kernel module by default even on non-Intel CPUs.

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