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Workaround for Install Issues while upgrading oneAPI toolkits with older version of oneAPI on system


There is a known issue which was found in older versions of  Intel® oneAPI Toolkits (2022.1.3 and earlier, Intel® Parallel Studio XE (any version)) Installer which will crash with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.

This issue also affects upgrades and installs to latest Intel® oneAPI Toolkits if you have older above mentioned versions of oneAPI toolkits on your system along with VS 2022 ( as the installer attempts to upgrade some older components or uninstalling previous versions).

Intel® oneAPI Toolkits 2022.1.3 patch release addressed this issue. So if you are using the latest versions without any older releases in your system you will not face this issue.

However, since the issue still exists in previous of oneAPI MSI packages, customers who have previous versions already installed will experience problems uninstalling them or upgrading them.

The workaround to fix the issue and upgrade your systems has been updated and published which you can use, if you are facing this issue.


Known Microsoft* Visual Studio 2022 and oneAPI Toolkits Installation Issue


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