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buying a perpetual license for intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 for cluster

    I've been using an education-version of intel fortran compiler on my cluster, but the license expired on Dec 24, 2020.

The package is "intel Parallel Studio XE, cluster edition for linux 2019".
I have had troubles renewing the license. I would appreciate if someone could kindly help me out.

My questions:

1. Can I buy a license for my existing compiler?

Because my license is for academic use, it expired and needed to be renewed every year. I would like to buy a license so that I don't need to worry about renewal/expiration. However, I couldn't find the correct product of "parallel studio XE, cluster for linux 2019" on intel's website.
I'd like to find a way to continue to use the existing ifort 2019 on my machine, but I couldn't figure out a way to get a license. Any suggestion is appreciated
----- Shih-Nan
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Hi Shih,

Please know, Intel® has transitioned from providing Intel® Parallel Studio XE to providing Intel® oneAPI Toolkits. As a result, the Intel® Parallel Studio XE is a legacy product now.


However, the only way left, to avail Intel® Parallel Studio XE suite is by purchasing a commercial or academic license for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits. You may contact our resellers or visit our webstore for more information regarding the purchase.


Reseller's Link:

Webstore Link:


Note: Paid licenses undergo support expiration. However, they do not undergo license product expiration. Also since these licenses are backward compatible, you would be able to use these for the prior versions (only if the license is for the same product).

You may refer to the below link for more information on license purchase, expiration, etc.

FAQ Link:

Have a pleasant day ahead.



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