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oneAPI Base Install Fails on Linux


Hi, I'm trying to install the oneAPI base toolkit (2022.2.0.262, it appears) using the online installer on GNU/Linux (the Guix System).


I've tried the offline and the online installer, both by copying the code snippets from the downloads page that downloads the file using wget and by downloading through the link, as well as running the install script as root and a regular user. I even downloaded xterm because a tput warning was thrown about eterm and st. In each case, running the shell script as instructed yields the following error:


<pwd>/ line 34: <pwd>/bootstrapper: No such file or directory


The file does, in fact, exist: I can view its hex content from Emacs, my shell syntax highlighting and completion recognize it, and "which ./bootstrapper" returns the correct path.


Thinking it was my zsh use, I swapped to bash and sh; no changes. Attempting to run the bootstrapper binary via ./bootstrapper fails with the same message. Running with -a doesn't change anything, so it's not a GUI problem. The file has ACL 755, so it ought to be executable by anyone.


My Debian 11 VM had no issues getting to the GUI installer by the same method.


What's going wrong?

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Hi Duncan, please share the below information with us>

  • Do you have any other version of the toolkit installed in your system?
  • Could you run the offline installer in GUI mode and share screenshots of the error screen with us?

We would like to know.

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Duncan, unfortunately we were unable to get a response from your end.

If you have any further queries, please post a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel®.

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