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oneAPI Base toolkit install fails on Windows 10


I have tried repeatedly to install w_BaseKit_p_2022.1.2.154 as both online and offline installers and keep getting error: Sequence execution failed. in GDB component.  Screenshot and log file included.  I also tried the previous version w_BaseKit_p_2022.1.0.116.


I have Visual Studio 2019 installed, and have tried the Intel installed with and without the integration with Visual Studio option selected. 


Here is an snippet from the log file where the error occurs


02/14/2022 05:32:33:395 : 16216 : MESSAGE : Operation ',v=2021.5.0-115' execution is finished with status Success.
02/14/2022 05:32:33:396 : 16216 : MESSAGE : Starting execution of operation ',v=2021.5.0-115'.
02/14/2022 05:35:46:348 : 16216 : ERROR : Installation of component has failed.
Component id:, name: Intel® Distribution for GDB*, version: 2021.5.0-115.
Error: Sequence execution failed.


Any suggestions?



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Hi Kirk, we see that you have created a Priority Support ticket on a similar issue that is being addressed by our team internally. Having similar issues open at the same time from the same user might lead to a mix-up during communication.


Thus, we will continue our support on the parent ticket you had raised earlier, and close this thread off as a duplicate. This thread will no longer be monitored by Intel®.


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